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Rex and Winston Welcome the Kittens!!!


Hi it's Winston!!  I am VERY excited to introduce all of you to the kittens that have come to live with us!!  I AM SOOO excited!!  (I do not think Rex shares my excitment for our new friends.)  I know they are just waiting for a home but I have grown very fond of them!!!  My mommy says they love me too!

Let me share some details about my new friends!  They have not been named yet...  The orange kitten is a boy.  He is very sweet and loving.   The grey kitten is a girl.  She is also very sweet, loving but a little more energentic (like me).  I know they like to be held because they purr when the RPVC staff holds them... which is like ALL the time!!!  My mommy suggested that I tell you to call before coming to see the kittens 310-474-3398.

Everyone around here is very excited not only to have the kittens but also because the kittens are weaning off the milk and going to regular food!!  PLEASE do not tell my mom or the RPVC staff ... I had some ... it was delicious.  I think my mom noticed when I went to the restroom... OOPS!!!!

Here is a great picture of my new friends!!