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Fall is Here!!!

FALL IS HERE!!!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


We are SOOOO excited that it is finally Fall!  Our summer was a blast and very busy.  That is why it has taken us so long to post an update on our lives.

The last few months have been crazy!  Tons of our furry friends have been coming in with fleas.  Not me... I, Rex, am way too gorgeous.  (I also stay inside 100% of my life so that might help.  LOL)  My Midori has been giving out Capstar's like it is NObodies business!  Refresher: Capstar is a medicine the docs give the pets with fleas.  It kills the adult fleas for 24 hours!  PURRRRTTTTYYY great stuff! 

Dr. Nic even called the Animal Dermatology Center and they suggested doubling up on flea meds for every month until mid-November.  By then, hopefully we see the flea's run away (a.k.a. die)!  So if your pet is itchy, scratchy ... time to STOCK UP!  Remember folks, you have plenty of options from tablets to topical ... all available at the RPVC.  It is also a GREAT excuse to come see my cuteness!!  xoxo


HI EVERYONE!!!! It is me, WINSTON!!! I know I have seen some of your beautiful faces recently but HIIIII again!!  Just to continue on what the "Sexxxy Rexy" said... we recently added a new topical to our collection of flea and monthly de-wormers.  VECTRA for cats and VECTRA 3D for dogs!! 

With the Vectra for cats, it is pretty much the same as frontline but you get more bang for your buck (more volume) and it kills those pesky fleas wayyyyy faster!!!  VECTRA 3D for dogs is cool b/c you get more bang for your buck (more volume), kills faster AND REPELLS!!! YAYYYYY WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!  ADIOS FLEAS!  The VECTRA 3D is applied a little different too.  With Frontline Plus & Vectra for Cats, you put the topical between the shoulder blades.  VECTRA 3D slides from the Rear to Ear (up the back).  They told us to take a lonnnggg 45 minute walk (oy) and it felt like there was an ice cute going down my back.  It was pretty okay b/c I got VERY distracted by my walk.